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10th International Conference ICQME

28th - 30th September 2016

It is our pleasure to invite you, on behalf of the Organizational Committee, to the 10th International ICQME Conference that will be held in Petrovac between 28th and 30th September, 2016.

The idea of Conference has first come to life when a need was felt to have the eleweenth traditional National Conference on Quality Management System (SQM) with the international participation evolve into an international conference, with an extension of thematic areas to be covered.

National Conference on Quality Management System (SQM) with the international participation has been gathering prominent experts from the field of quality over the last twelve years. In addition to the local, Montenegrin experts, the participation lists included a number of well-known scientists and experts from France, Spain, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Greek, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, so some of the vital issues of quality, management, engineering, education, and environmental protection will be discussed at 10th International ICQME Conference, and the participants from both the university and the commercial fields will take part, contributing to a more productive exchange of ideas and experiences.

The conference intends to shed further light on the complex and potentially conflicting choices that firms take, in order to acquire, exchange, and create knowledge in order to improve its performance. This theme relates to quite a wide variety of aspects relating to the increasing complexity (e.g. economic, management, engineering, sociology) of systems for knowledge creation and innovation. This complexity implies a more intensive and more frequent need to embrace as well as to connect both internal and external source of knowledge in the search for new technological achievements. ICQME became a part of Quality Festival, a manifestation that takes place in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.